Baco Mercat- the magic block DTLA
The This | 5.22.17

In DTLA there is a magic lunch /dinner corner  at Main St. and 4th. This terrain is ruled by Josef Centeno. Chef Mastermind of "Baco Mercat", "Bar Ama","Ledlow", "P.Y.T." and "Orsa & Winston". All of the above located on either Main or 4th.  Its like Centeno wants to keep his children close. 

And they are all performing well. Because Centeno takes risks and knows his flavors. This Chef puts charisma into his dishes, in the best casual way (if that makes any sense). In other words, his food is special and complex without being pretentious." Baco Mercat" is one of my absolute  DTLA faves. They serve thin catalan pizza (Coca), flatbread sandwiches (I have never seen my husband devour a sandwich THAT fast) and amazing salads. The flavors are earthy and bright, combined in unexpected ways. One of my go-to's is the Japanese Roasted Eggplant. Paired with thin slices of pickles (!!), dukkah, hazelnuts and poblano peppers this  dish wins by taking the risk of combining these unexpeced flavors. Honestly, eating this dish makes me happy.


If you can't get a table try "Ledlow" next door. Serving a small menu, light seasonal very california cuisine. Beautiful spot for lunch. When I decided to do a lil post about Baco I was convinced that we already covered it on the blog. How couldn't we?  I was shocked to find out we had not. Check. Fixed that. Enjoy!