Beach Vibes & Breakfast at Malibu Farm Restaurant

When I lived in NYC, outdoor seating was EVERYTHING. I didn't care if it was a makeshift table in a back alley, or a white tablecloth inches from a street gutter (or a person sleeping in a street gutter)- it could even be raining- but I just wanted that prime outdoor spot.

Here in Los Angeles, outdoor seating is more accessible, but mostly hostage to some cruel rule that dictates: the better the outdoor location, the worse the food will taste. Because, basically, we sometimes pay for the view rather than the meal. 

Happily, that terrible trend is dying down, and places like The Malibu Farm are rising to the location occasion with locally sourced and highly delicious food with a setting that is LITERALLY on the ocean.

I mean, you can't not have an ocean view here!

Well, unless, you duct-tape a blindfold across your eyes after being seated.. then you will probably have this view: 

But why would you do that? 

Helene Henderson is the owner of The Malibu Farm- She actually lives on a working farm not far from the Pier, so is super passionate about where food comes from. Some of it actually comes from her own property. I may or may not have been the recipient of a Henderson egg, but the egg I had in the form of a fried egg breakfast sandwich with arugula, bacon, havarti, and aioli was epic in every way. Breakfast potatoes that are usually just obnoxious blobs of undercooked starchy afterthoughts are FINALLY identifiable fingerlings sliced lengthwise and roasted to crunchy and well seasoned EXACTLY HOW THEY SHOULD TASTE. 

The food at Malibu Farm is clean and fresh. It's real food- with real ingredients- There's no weird fat-free substitute food here- and there are BLANKETS to borrow if the ocean breeze is too...breezy. 

And if even if you're stuck in some back alley makeshift table in NYC, why not leaf through the Malibu Farm cookbook to get a little dose of their west coast beach vibe? 

See you at the 'Bu!