Here's looking at you - K town
The This | 5.7.17

LA is crazy these days, every odd part of town that is not in the realm of Beverly Hills, Culver or West Hollywood is "up 'n coming". In short: "Gentrification". One of these UAC (up- and-coming) neighborhoods is Korea town. A lot of attention is drawn to these parts of town by new, hip restaurants like "Here's looking at you". Birthed by Chef Jonathan Whitener ("Animal) and Co- owner Lien Ta in 2016 the restaurant has been written up on every "Best of" list and it is tough to get a table asap.

I am looking forward to this restaurant. The playful name and strange location is promising. "Its such a hipster place!" I was warned. (I love hipsters, so what). First off, the people that work at "Here's looking..." are supernice. The waiters are very knowledgeable. They seem proud of the food they serve. Nobody is snobby or "fake annoyed". The interior is a fun mix of sophisticated mid century modern meets 90's Bistro plus a hint of Street Style. It doesnt feel "hip", it feels culturally diverse and modern in the best way. On the menu we find an eclectic mix from Heritage Wattle Pork, Frog Legs, Hamachi Collar to Spigorello and other veggie dishes.

Everything we order tastes amazing. My fave was the Spigorello bowl. A strange, fun crunchy salad with different textures and well composed flavors. The charred Shishitos over a cooling Veal tonnato were awesome too. My dinner date had Beef Tatar and Soft Shell Crab and reported it was "Killer". Yep, those plates went fast. No complaints. We opted for wine but the cocktails are supposed to not suck at all. Call now to go and eat there in a month! Absolutely something to look forward to!