Macro... - WHAT? M Cafe de Chaya
The This | 5.3.17

I had heard about macrobiotic food. Sort of. Madonna eats it, Gwyneth Paltrow eats it... What IS macrobiotic food?  In a nutshell: the idea of a seasonal diet in which Yin (cold and sweet food) and Yang (warm or salty foods) are equally balanced and food is understood as healing medicine that can affect your emotional and physical well being was introduced to the US in 1950 by Michio Kuchi (founder of the "Erewhon" brand). Michio Kuchi was a Japanese lawyer with a background in political science and a strong affinity to healthy foods. A macrobiotic diet excludes refined sugars, eggs , dairy, red meat and poultry but can include raw fish.

At the macrobiotic M Cafe de Chaya the food is seasonal and fresh. They serve tasty macrobiotic salads and small dishes that you order at a counter (like a healthier "Joan's on 3rd").  Run by Chef Atsuki Kanjo and Lee Gross (Gwyneth's Chef) the successful healthy eatery has two more LA locations, in Venice and Downtown, as well as one in San Francisco. Definitely a noteworthy lunch spot!