Walk the Line and jump down the rabbit hole- in Koreatown
The This | 3.25.17

Sometimes I like a little bit of everything. Especially if there are lots of great choices. And what if all those great choices are all under ONE ROOF! Well, there is a place like that... in Koreatown. 

The "Line"hotel has a lot going for it. Besides a fun location, cool rooms (think Ace-ish) that are moderately priced (room prices start around $189) there is great food and drinks and in-house shopping!

"Commissary" is a delightful restaurant with a botanical rooftop garden feel. Food is tasty (lots of veggies but also meat) great drinks, wine etc. Plus they have pretty napkins and tableware (hey, important details!).

After dinner you might want to take a little shopping break? Yes!! On the first floor they have a well curated little "Poketo" store, open till 10pm-hooray!! Cool coffee table books, cups, jewelry, odd gifts.  Once we are done shopping we need a few drinks! There are many great options to water the plants around the Line, but of course we want to go through the Rabbit Hole...One of the Houston Brothers Rabbit Holes: the "Break Room 86". Eighties themed and with a weird hidden entrance this bar is fun and has exceptional drinks. Cheers to an awesome weekend!