But first, a blog entry about a coffee shop...
The This | 3.4.17

I am not a hipster, but I sometimes pretend to drink coffee like one. Forget the five dollar shake, this place has a ten dollar latte!

Alfred Coffee has six locations around LA- I go to the one [in the alley] near Melrose Place, and full disclosure, it's about a block away from my apartment- (translation: I don't have to find parking!) and in LA, that's really a THING. So, we will never truly know whether I actually like Alfred Coffee, since its geographic desirability is irresistible to me.  

That said, I think I may actually really like it! 

The Melrose location is located in Croft Alley, right next door to Cycle House. Timing is key here. The herd of sweaty Alo yoga wearing belly button baring spin class go-ers WILL swarm the shop as soon as class lets out- you've been warned. 

Yeastie Boys Bagels shares the location, and serve hand rolled bagels, schmears, and eight bagel sandwich options, and Farmshop provides the pastries.

Both "Juice served here"  and "Pressed Juicery" juices are sold, so why not do a taste test? We did, and it was Pressed Juicery for the win at least with the orange juice. 

Alfred Coffee coined the whole "But first, coffee" phrase phenomenon, and they prove it with all their "But first, coffee" merch and the big neon sign that says, well, "But first, coffee" Speaking of coffee, they serve Stumptown, FYI. And of course, they are happy to serve you milk not from a cow. 

So rev up your Instagram, grab ten bucks (for the latte) and head over to Alfred Coffee. The "A" in their logo has antlers on it. As far as I am concerned, that's reason enough.