Everything I want to eat- at Sqirl
The This | 2.17.17

I know, I know....Sqirl is not a NEW hotspot. Especially all the trendy Eastsiders know it, love it or hate it.

Even though people in Los Feliz don´t necessarily rise that early, there is often a line out the door at 8 am. Yep. Here´s the deal, I went to Squirl ready to not like it. Why? Because I felt like it loved itself a bit too much, it celebrates hipster celebrities too much, all that kinda slightly pretentious stuff. BUT their breakfast/lunch food KILLS. Its fresh, vibrant, inventive. Sqirl makes their own preserves and almond milk on site. I mean, hard to not like them, right?

My fave is the crispy rice braised Kale-Avo bowl.And their cookies are pretty amazing too. As well as the toast. And the salads. That fresh espresso....hhmmm.

They love eggs and bacon at Sqirl. Bottom line: If you are coming for breakfast you won´t hate it-at all. Sqirl's creator, Jessica Koslow delivers every day comfort food with a twist. Very California , very modern. Eater named her "Chef of the year" in 2014. Well deserved. Oh, second Sqirl location opening soon-duh.