Eating Humpty Dumpty
The This | 1.26.17


Forget Eggs Benedict.

For me, it's all about the soft boiled egg with toast soldiers.

The Bristol hotel in Paris has a super duper fancy version with maple syrup and caviar- 

But let's get real. It's only breakfast. Let's maybe take it down a notch. 

Egg toast soldier bliss is achievable at both Chateau Marmont and Bottega Louie, and about a million other places. 

Keep in mind- if the menu reads "soft boiled hen egg", then, you're in for an even bigger treat! Just kidding, that's just a fancier/more overbearing way to describe a plain old chicken egg.

Ha, ha "hen-egg", nice try. 

The best things about soft boiled egg-soldiers are:

1. It's probably easier to make at home than to find out on a menu 

2. When you make soft boiled eggs at home, you can use these amazing sumo wrestler egg holders: (!)

As for the eggs, I put them in boiling water for 6 minutes. You can cook 'em for as little as 2 minutes or as much as 7 minutes-- depends on how liquidy you want the innards. I'd stick to the six-minute mark though. 

As for the bread, just toast it and slice it into strips that apparently resemble soldiers. 

There's a vague rumor that says the bread shape is based on all the king's men from that weird little nursery rhyme about Humpty Dumpty, who may or may not be an egg himself.


One more thing:I think an egg topper is pretty essential. 

You can go rustic, like my dad does, and whack at the top of the cooked egg with the back of a butter knife- but come on- show your egg sumo wrestler some respect and buy an egg topper

A swift, clean egg decapitation is better for everybody. Trust me. 

Don't forget the salt!