Destroyer- Jordan Kahn
The This | 1.24.17

When "Red Medicine", Chef Jordan Kahn's restaurant  on Wilshire with the world's most unbelievable Desserts closed I might have cried. But he is back! "Destroyer" is Jordan Kahn's new tiny lunch spot in the Hayden Tract, Culver City. A great architectural, weird pocket in the middle of Not-Much.

The plating is superbly Kahn. Like the dishes he presented at "Red Medicine", we see different textures and colors , topped with his signature herbs. In other words: he serves gorgeous bowls, grain/veggie combinations all locally sourced.

Think Haute dining in a lunch bowl with plastic utensils. Unfortunately I am not kidding about the plastic utensils. no idea why they are doing that. The ceramic cups and carafes are beautiful though. 

I am not gonna lie, if parking down there was´t such a B*** i would go more often. The Creativity of the Food plus the rad Architecture are somewhat invigorating.

3578 Hayden Ave, Culver City