East LA coffee- Woodcat
The This | 1.18.17

Coffee has become "this thing". People are particular about it now -very- they want theirs a certain way. I do. I know my coffee better than my wine. I like strong espresso. Not the chocolatey type, the smooth, earthy dark one. I won´t drink the chalky or chocolatey ones. I have a Double espresso with hot soymilk that I pour myself because only I know how much my Espresso needs. I am basically every Baristas nightmare.

At Woodcat in Echo Park they pour well, the coffee and Espresso is just right. Good quality, good cups , good cookies.


And the space is awesome. I love the red walls, the wood. You can bring your laptop and sit in the back. I love cafes (do we still call coffee cars "cafes"??) where they don´t rush you out. Because coffee and rushing does´t go together, does it?