The Easy Peasy - Grain Bowl
The This | 12.28.16

How about an easy peasy dinner inspiration? Here you go, this is what I do (you can change/add/ommit):

I choose 3 grains for more fun and slightly different textures: black wild Rice, Farro and Barley- all flavorful, nutty and low GI.

You can cook them all in the same pot stewing them in Veggie broth. Start with the wild Rice (it needs to cook the longest, 40 minutes), after 20 minutes add the Farro and after 10 more minutes add the Barley. ( for the final 10 minutes).  Make sure there is enough liquid and start adding salt (ca. 1 ts). 

At the same time I quick sauteed some finely chopped Dino Kale with Onions and Garlic in Olive Oil, just superquick to soften. 

Once your grains are done add the sauteed Kale and fold it all under the grains. For extra Silkyness add a dash of Cashew milk (unsweetened of course)! Then let those flavors rest and mingle.

Thats your base. 

For toppings I sauteed Broccoli and cute little mini Mushrooms and steamed some Edamame. Add some black Sesame Seeds. Voila.

Some people love to add a fried egg or Seafood on top. 

Obvioiusly there are a trillion possibilities here to make a simple killer meal. Use Quinoa or Jasmin Rice for your base if you fancy, pop some left over short ribs , chorizo or shrimps on top,...blablabla. You get it, right? Yes you do, you lil smartie.