Everson Royce Bar
The This | 10.1.16 | Photo ERB LA Website

If I had a drink tonight…

My fave place to celebrate the night is downtown LA.

It has come A LONG way in the past 10 years. Awesome new restaurants, markets and bars.

My current favorite for cocktails is EVERSON ROYCE BAR.

I will say, it is always crazy to me how close nightlife and poverty coexist in Downtown LA.

The Bar is close to Skid Row.

Just like “Bestia”, “Church & State”, “Stumptown coffe”, etc.

You see the tents, the homeless next to the Bars, parking lots, and dressed up people smoking outside.

That’s what you get when you go out downtown. That’s a Metropolis for you, I guess.

At Everson Royce Bar you will find great drinks, a solid little food menu, a nice surprise patio, good vibe and a nicely mixed crowd. When I say “mixed” I mean different ages and ethnicities. In other words , it reflects our city's diversity, which I always appreciate.