Making Fresh Ricotta
The This | 9.20.16

Full disclosure: I have been to culinary school. I have worked in restaurant kitchens, I have both ruined and triumphed recipes…and I really love to cook.

I also really love cheese.

Recently, I came across a super easy ricotta cheese recipe in the Flour + Water cookbook by Thomas McNaughton. I’ve actually been to Flour + Water a few times up in San Francisco, and the food is always delicious - Buying their cookbook was a no-brainer. 

For this recipe (page 87), you’ll only need four ingredients: 1. Heavy cream 2. Whole milk 3. Salt 4. Lemon

Equipment-wise, you’ll need: A pot, a wooden spoon, some cheesecloth and a strainer. Please don’t use a big colander because that’s all you have in the house and you assume/hope the cheesecloth will just do all of the work- Because it won’t, and you will watch 15 minutes of delicious dairy curdle their way down the drain…This may or may not have happened to me—So just do yourself a favor and make sure you use a proper strainer!

The ricotta is delicious as a pasta filling, in veal-ricotta meatballs, or as a finishing dollop on top of anything-- but I also like to spread it on toast with sea salt and honey, herbs, or jam.

PS: The Corn and Crescenza Cappelletti on page 92 is basically perfection. Just sayin’

PPS: I live with a 300 pound man who loves to eat.