Vegan Ramen
The This | 9.19.16

Wait Wha?

Oh, yes please!

The healthy version –pardon me, sans pork bone broth and pork fat and all that- the healthier version of the hearty original has a store in down town LA s Grand Central market .


Woohoo! Exciting for us vegans-and everyone else!

They open for dinner at 6 pm and sure enough, there is a line. And hey, I bet you not everyone is vegan!

The soups are 100% vegan, and you can add a vegan egg on top if you want (have to!)

Ramenhood offers two different kinds of broth, one is spicier than the other, that you can pimp up with Extras like Oyster Mushrooms, Nori, Scallions etc.

Their small plates are good too, but the Ramen is defenetly Boss.

SO SO delicious!

Ramen-lovers won't miss a thing.

Chef Ilan Hall (Winner Top Chef) knows what he is doing. The noodles and broth are silky and luscious, the flavors complex and satisfying-plus way healthier than the fatty original (oops I said it again).  And it looks damn good. The sizable bowls are worth the 12 bucks. I dare you to try!