Hello Palm Springs!
The That | 5.19.17

What's in the desert? Well, let me tell ya: wind, dust, sand and bad sushi! But that is not all... We took a little "Fluffy Concrete-mini-vacay" to Palm Springs, in Alien footsteps we embarked on the INTEGRATRON sound adventure, had great food, chilled poolside at the Ace and indulged in massages with a side of "Casablanca" at "El Morocco".

After a quick 2 hour drive (from LA)  the desert heat starts blistering, the wind picks up and sand accumulates on our windshield- we are in Palm Springs! After passing some pretty terrible brown architecture on the way in the cool looking ACE hotel is a relief for the eye.


Off we go to the pool before it gets too hot! I love the Ace pool. It is filled with floaties, you have access to legit cocktails and ping pong and the beach chairs have little sun shields! Hooray!

The staff is super nice, the rooms hip and stacked with fun stuff that you don't really need (great beds though!), the AC is cranked up and the Ace bar offers Bingo tonight. We decide to eat in town first. At "Workshop", a rather modern, minimalist interior, we enjoy lovely wine and various veggie dishes (the Bloomsdale Spinach with shoyu vinaigrette was a knockout).

Back at the Ace some Ping Pong is in order. That and a night cap.

From Hip to Hippie: the next day we drive out to Desert Hot Springs for a massage and pool hangtime at "El Morocco Inn". At first we are not so sure about the Inn. It is located on a hill amidst brown bungalows... . I gotta be honest, the outside of the Inn doesn't look too cute, but once we enter we are immediately enchanted by the personality of the place. The beautiful colors, floating fabrics, the vintage flair, little personal touches everywhere are charming and one can tell that the Innkeepers really care about this gem. In the shade a bar with dates, Moroccan mint-lemonade and French press coffee!! I am sold. Off to the side close to the turquoise pool, a moroccan lounge where a flat screen plays "Casablanca" in an endless loop, I mean...YES!


The massages at the Inn are great and don't break the bank. Rejuvenated we have fresh coffee, swim in the mineral pool (hence the hill!) and enjoy the tranquility of little Morocco. Then it is time to go home. A Date shake (they are everywhere-apparently a "thing" in the Palms Springs area) before we hit the Freeway. We shall be back soon! The desert rocks!