What's up on La Brea?
The That | 4.8.17

Hot Dogs and Vintage Glam, that's whassup on La Brea, north of Melrose! We are IN Hollywood, baby!  Let's start shopping:  a vintage staple in LA is  "Jet Rag". The store is big and has a great selection of dresses, hats, shoes, jeans, even kids clothing. Most stuff is in mint condition and the range is from 1950's till now.

If you have time to really go through all the rags you will find some gems at a reasonable price.

I have come to Jet Rag over the years for odd Halloween costumes, maternity dresses or just a cute hat or 80's dresses.

Every sunday there is a $1 Sale in the parking lot!

When you are done shopping you can walk down a block south on La Brea and hit up "Pinks" for a hot dog (or three). "Pinks" was established in 1939, so it is a true Hollywood classic. During night hours the line gets REALLY long. People love those hot dogs. I think they have 567 different kinds! Nope, I lied. I don't know how many, but the selection is huge. Truth is, I am not a hot dog kinda gal. (Their vegan dogs are not what they are famous for) But if you ask any of those 350 people standing in line, they'll tell ya how awesome Pinks dogs are. Woof Woof x