Let's play! The best toy store in Sherman Oaks
The That | 4.6.17

"Classic Toys". I mean, that is a responsibilty. A promise. One cannot go in there without high expectations. Whiffs of nostalgia, childhood memories...

You won't be disappointed. "Classic Toys" has a huge selection of great, hand selected toys for all ages. My fave was a turquoise classic car for toddlers that not only drove and played music but also had a "rocking-to-sleep"mode.(hello- put ME in there...!!) At Classic Toys they do a good job staying away from all the Disney Princesses (Sorry  Elsa and Anna !) I mean, we love those too, but a break from them is kinda nice sometimes. I am looking to find the perfect gifts for a sassy, picky little 5 year old and her 3 year old sister. My adult friend who accompanies me wants to buy everything in the store- for herself. She ends up buying an oldschool set of "Lincoln Logs" for her husband (not sure what he is gonna do with those...Scratch head). The lady in the store is super nice and helpfull AND she wraps the gifts. (I don't think they got the time to do that at ToysRus...)


I buy a Ukele, two fairy jewelry  boxes, two miniatur plastic bunnies and two sparkly princess rings. Yes, the two little girls who get all this awesome stuff  will be psyched....Guess what: if they are not, I AM gonna keep it all and play with it!!