What's up on Abbot Kinney?
The That | 3.30.17

What comes to your mind when you think of  "Venice"? ...Italy? Yes, well, I know, that would be great, but let's think California, my friend. Maybe colors, hippies, cafes, music, bell bottoms,...? Allow me a little history here:  Venice, California was originally a seaside resort town founded in 1905. It was called the "Coney Island of the Pacific" back then. Crazy, eh? I didn't know that till today. Until 1926 it was independend and then merged with Los Angeles. And by the way it HAS canals as well, just like Venezia in Italia. Very few, but still.

We don't live as far west as Venice, so when I go there it always feels like a little vacation, because it is different than the rest of LA. More laid back, the air is fresher, it has the sparkle of a fabulous holiday. Besides the beach or the canals there is Abbot Kinney. Abbot Kinney is THE street in Venice. (By the way ABBOT KINNEY was the name of the developer of the area. Ok,ok enough history!) The street where you go when you are looking for good food, a pair of cool sneakers, some rad denim,handmade paper goods or just a tasty cup of coffee.

Abbot Kinney used to be too hippie for me. Now it has totally developed into a mix of its classic staples like Abbot's Pizza or Abbot's Habit and our beloved Plant Food and Wine and fun little stores. The days of tie-dye shirts and bead necklaces are pretty much over on Abbot Kinney. Instead we find well curated stores like Salt, or Tortoise General Store.

I love all pottery and linen rags at Tortoise.

As well as their gorgeous jewelry and japanese knifes.

And there is a big gallery showroom in the back with the most beautiful japanese pottery. In other words, Abbot Kinney is worth going, it is worth the endless search for a parking spot or the $8 Valet. It is worth going for a great cup of coffee, some fun shopping, maybe a little beachtime and lunch. Off! Off you go!