What me and Lady Margaret have in common and what Peter Greenaway has to do with it.
The That | 3.17.17

...and that would be the love for a good ole blazer. In case I haven't made myself clear: I LOVE a blazer. I mean, the name of the clothing item alone: BLAZE - ER!!  I wear it ALL the time and for any occasion, and I live in Califonia where the weather most of the time does not warrant an overcoat of any kind. I wear a blazer to work, to lunch, to get groceries, to go to dinner- I practically live in them. I feel like no matter what I wear underneath, the blazer is like a nice "finish", a glossy coating, it ties it all together nicely. My fave casual blazer- makers are Rag & Bone, Helmut Lang and J. Crew (even though I am not a "J. Crew gal", their blazers are pretty good!). A great blazer over anything says to the world:" Yes, I am here to participate! I dressed up to be part of this!" My Cali friends make fun of me for it. So when my wonderful friend and Co Blogger Abbe said: "You have to write about blazers!" I wasn't sure if the emphasis was on "YOU" or "HAVE TO"!? I think she was making fun of me, but what the heck...,here we are!

A bit of a blazer Info for you to enjoy:

"A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suitjacket but more casually. Blazers are worn with a wide variety of other clothes, ranging from a dress shirt and necktie to an open-necked polo shirt, even to just a plain tee shirt. They are seen with trousers of all colors and fabrics, from the classic white cotton or linen, to grey flannel, to brown or beige chinos, and also jeans.

A fitted, classically cut, double-breasted navy blue blazer with navy-style buttons is a popular design and sometimes referred to as a "reefer" blazer. Particularly in North America and the United Kingdom, it is now frequently used in business casual attire.

A Cambridge University Rifle Association half-blue blazer
Blazers are worn as part of school uniforms by many schools across the Commonwealth, and in a wide range of colors is still daily wear for most uniformed pupils in Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

These are blazers in the traditional sense, single-breasted often of bright colors or with piping. This style is also worn by some boat clubs, such as those in Cambridge or Oxford, with the piped version only on special occasions such as a boat club dinner. In this case, the piping is in college colours, and college buttons are worn. This traditional style can be seen in many films set in the Edwardian era, such as Kind Hearts and Coronets."

Anyway, long story short, blazers have been worn since 1825. And of course its birthplace was Cambridge (England), the "Lady Margaret boatclub", to be precise.  Awesome, isn't it?

Many years ago I had the honor of working with Peter Greenaway. A renowed, gifted european film maker. Every day Peter came to work in a black blazer- I guess for a guy you'd call it a suit jacket and black pants. He was basically wearing a black suit to set every day. I asked him why, and he replied:" I love what I do. I celebrate every day that I get to do this. It is my way of showing respect to everybodys work and commitment."  I never forgot that. Wow. He basically dressed black tie to show how thrilled he was to go to work every day! I mean,....put that in your pipe and smoke it!