45 minutes of pleasant torture
The That | 3.12.17

Let's talk Soulcycle. For the people who don't know what I am talking about: Soulcycle is a Spinning Studio, a Spinning Tribe, a Brand. "Spinning" as in Indoor Cycling. ( Under which rock have you been living??)

After our second child was born I thought it would be a great idea to create some challenges, especially physical challenges right away to prevent myself from falling into some tired- uncreative- mom trap. I decided  I should take upon two things I had said I would never do (because too hard, too unappealing) and those were 1) Hot Yoga and 2) Spinning.

I schlepped my tired post birth body to the Hot Yoga Studio three weeks after giving birth (don't!!) and it was definitely not for me. It was just basically- well- too hot. Too hot to work out.

After one more week , four weeks after giving birth (DON'T!!) I found myself sitting on a yellow Soulcycle bike. Definitely too close to my enthusiastic Spin- neighbors dressed in tiny Spin Outfits ( I was wearing a grey sweater) I glanced around suspiciously. Lean bodies, happy faces everywhere. The instructor, Stacey Griffith, came in with a laptop and a different girl got on the bike on the instructors podium. I thought that was weird and remember that in that very moment I decided to " not like" Soulcycle. The Instructor is "just" DJ-ing? I decided it was pretentious and overpriced and....the class starts, I.... WHHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!....Jeeez! That beat got me! I mean,....WTF? I am trying not to like this music but, sh***!! Stacey got the crowd within seconds. Everybody has their ass up and the entire room is bobbing on the same rythm. Kinda cool.  I hate that I am totally digging it. What IS this? The lights go off, come back on, the beats are slapping me in the face. "We ride as a pack! Nobody is left behind!" Wait, what? Stacey talks about integrity, us riders as a "family"... Oh, come on! There is my dislike again. In fact, I am wiggling my feet trying to get out of the pedals. But I have never done this before and don't know how to undo the clips. Here I am, I realize, STUCK. I am stuck with this DJ lady, this awesome music, stuck with these sweaty people who are too close to me, stuck in a Rave before noon. I decide (reluctantly!) that I am gonna give it a go. I have no choice. I stop fighting it.

So now  I am trying to keep up. Forgotten are babies, breast feeding, diapers, feeling tired. I am totally going for it. It is so f*** hard! My throat burns from breathing. At some point  sweat is dripping INTO my eyeballs. A bit later I feel like I might cry. Cry because I cannot believe I am doing this (ok, I was hormonal too, still). The 45 minutes FLY. When Stacey (who by the way is one of the Top Dogs at Soulcycle and was only visiting from NYC that day ) is done with us I have basically evaporated happily into billions of sweat particles. I hover to my car and I feel like a transformed person. I am hooked. Call me crazy.

So here are the facts: each class is 45 minutes. Book online. Booking for the week opens mondays at noon. (You can get the App to book.) Certain classes book up INSTANTLY. In LA its the classes the Beckhams and various famous actors go to. Classes are  35$. That might be steep, BUT you sweat your ass off, burn tons of calories and there is no way you do not work out your body HARRRRD.

And nope, even though a lot of it is SOO LA it was "invented" on the East coast. Julie Rice and Elisabeth Cutler came up with it in 2005 and a year later the first Soulcycle studio opened in NYC. LA joined the party rather late, in 2012, but now there are 13 locations in LA itself. Hey, no excuses, people.