There is a bridge in Franklin Hills...
The That | 3.8.17

It is easy to get lost in big cities. Easy to feel stressed out by the hustle n' bustle. It is hard to keep up sometimes and stay centered. That is why it is important to know where the magic lies in a big city. Know your secret focal points, the places that slow down time, that remind you of when you were a kid. The places that might give you a fuzzy warm feeling in your stomach.

One of my favorite magic spots in LA is the cutest bridge of all: the Shakespeare Bridge in Los Feliz. 

The Shakespeare Bridge is located just a few blocks east of Hilhurst in Franklin Hills and it carries Franklin Avenue.

The 260 feet long Arch bridge was build in 1926 and rebuild after the Northridge Quake in 1998. What is so magical about this little neighborhood bridge? Maybe it is special because it is so unexpected. At its eastern end Franklin Avenue is suddenly very steep and the bridge is hidden until you are almost in front of it. If you approach from the east it is equally obstructed by a sharp bend.

If you walk down the bridge you won't see pink elephants. The view offers luscious vegetation mostly untamed leaves and palm trees. Maybe bridges have this dreamy momentum to them because we hope we have changed or shifted a little when we arrive at the other end. Maybe it is the fact that we only have two options: turning around and going back or walking on to the other end. In times of too many choices there is something calming about that.