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The That | 3.1.17

The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music could't be in a better location.

Its new, A-frame building on Hollywood boulevard is just east of Vermont.

You know what that means? If you played your violin well, if your teacher praised you for your little Piano Etudes you can reward yourself with a "Mc Connell's" ice cream next door, a dope coffee at ""Go get em tiger", or a nice little Texas style  Taco at "Home State" right next to Hotel "Covell ",

Maybe a vintage Tee at the "Bearded Beagle" ?

 If you can make it just across the street have a burger at "Umami". I mean,... Tadaaa. 


Do you need any more convincing to schlep yourself over to Silverlake to learn an instrument?

Pretty much ANY instrument? Well, f*** Flea (yep, from the Chili Peppers, that one) was one of the founding fathers. If that doesn't raise the Cool Factor... 

The Conservatory cares about its community. It gives out Scholarships to kids that wouldn't be able to afford music classes othervise.

30 minutes cost 30$ for a private session with a teacher. (45 minutes of Soulcycle shared with at least 50 other Sweatys costs you more, just sayin...)

A few years back I studied the violin there. Honestly,it was awesome, I had the best time. Back then it was still their old location at the Sunset Junction. This new building is bigger and brighter. At the Conservatory Of Music they teach pretty much any orchestral or band instrument. So get your saxophone on, the flute, piano, maybe drums? Get out to Silverlake for music, treats and coffee. There's your perfect morning or afternoon!

Wow your boyfriend, impress your wife, shock your neighbors. Surprise yourself!