Applause, applause, APPLAUSE!
The That | 2.15.17

Had my teenage dreams come true, I would have been transformed into the me version of Annie Potts as Iona from Pretty in Pink. Specifically: Bee-hive Iona. And I would have had her perfect pink prom dress in every color imaginable complete with fluffy yellow slippers. 

But since (literally) none of my teenage dreams came true, I ended up wearing dirty Kurt Cobain-inspired flannels and bargain basement denim from Canal Jean Company. Still, my obsession with the tea dress/swing dress/rockabilly dress/party dress continues, and on a recent Roman Holiday I stumbled across the dress shop of my teenage (and current) dreams. 

Tina Sondergaard's cozy little shop is in the Monti area of Rome. She hand-picks the fabrics from Florence and creates flirty, pretty silhouettes that make you want to find someone with strong lips to make out with.