Killer Moscow Mules in Barcelona
The That | 2.1.17

A great selection of well mixed cocktails, great music, good lighting, in a fun neighborhood with rad people- the perfect bar. My perfect bar is in Barcelona. the "Pipa Club" at Plaza Reial (Raval) is a revived classic. The original Pipa Club at Plaza Reial was a Smokers Club with drinks and music. Located in a second floor  apartment in one of the four corners of Plaza Reial. (Adress is Plaza Reial 3, to the right of the entrance is a big sign saying "Glaciar". If the Bouncer is not at the door downstairs ring the bell for "Pipa Club")



A few years ago the club closed for two years. A new Pipa Club opened in Gracia (they play a lot of Jazz there) while the Raval Original got a little make over. 

It is re opened now. Still super cool interior, 60´s Vibe, gorgeous bar with old Spanish tiles, pool table room, and a fantastic view over Plaza Reial.

The drinks are AMAZING. The bartenders are not only cute they know what they are doing. They pour and mix really well at Pipa Club. We got some amazing Mini Mai Thai shots on the house and got to taste Popcorn Syrup and pineapple infused Vodka (they infuse their spirits INhouse).