I fall in love too easily
The That | 1.30.17

I once rescued an adorable orange kitten, named him Chet Baker, and we lived happily ever after. 

The End.

Just kidding. It was a total nightmare. He was the worst! 

At first, it was semi-fine. Chet Baker and I would spend evenings in my tiny NYC studio. He'd sit in my lap, for lack of anywhere else to go, and I would manically pet him while I sipped wine and listened to my fave radio station (FM 101 "Jazz" for clueless yet pretentious NYU students).

Chet Baker never purred. Instead, he would glare at me, scratch me, and bite me. I convinced myself he was the strong, silent, hateful type, and that maybe I would win him over one day. (Ah, college.) 

So of course, I loved him, and eventually, he never changed. 

The End.

But wait! Once upon a time, in Barcelona:

The Suara Store is now open in the Born area, in Barcelona and it loves cats too- even the terrible ones that probably pee in newly packed suitcases. Suara is a new store devoted to the "natural" yet unlikely combination of cats... and Techno music. A concept that goes together like Cats and Deadmau 5. (Yep, I went there) 

Suara sells cat clothes, cat art, and techno records with awesome cat album covers. They even have Pod Cats and Suara Nights and have a big and loyal following. 

Technically, Techno music is their jam, but cats can be heroes. Cats, cats will be king. 

Also, apparently, Miaou is the new meow? I like it. Everything sounds/looks sexy with an accent. 

Ever want to keep it real and see or proudly wear a print promoting your cat's skeleton? I know I do. And am. 

Cat Print

Upstairs, there is a foundation that nurses and rehabiliates abandoned street cats in order to find them safe new homes. A proceed of the income from the clothing/music store goes to the cat orphanage/sanctuary upstairs, where they feed, and care for kitties that need some assistance before going on to a new home. 

So grab your aphex or your siamese twin and head over to Suara Store. It's super cool, and the folks are really nice. Even better: it's for a great cause.