Blueproject Barcelona
The That | 1.26.17

Meatless in Spain? Is that possible? "Blueproject" sources locally and comes recommended. This cute Vegan joint is located in the very cool El Born neighborhood, close to the big Park de la Ciutadella.

"Blueproject" started as a non-profit contemporary Art Foundation. Since 2013 the Foundation presents unique collective Art Exhibitions in the Born district. Definitely check it out.

The Cafe (next to the Art Space!) opens for Breakfast at 10am and serves Lunch and Dinner later on as well. Some of the Menu items are  Raw Vegan . I had the raw Sandwich and it was delicious.

Staff is super nice. Chef Carlos shared his dehydrated bread recipes.

This place is nice for a healthy peaceful lunch. You can sit, relax and read the cookbooks lying around or  talk to the Locals. The prizes are fairly cheap, i thought. Most importantly: great Coffee and Espresso available!