Velveteria Downtown LA
The That | 1.18.17

Looking for a quirky, weird place to complete your Downtown LA afternoon? immerse yourself into the parallel universe of "Velveteria".

I had no idea there is a whole "Velvet Paintings" art world out there....I mean, hello!! If one of the owners, Carl Baldwin , is there- and he probably will be- talk to the man! He is just as awesome as his babyblue Elvis suit and his Snakeskin boots.

Behind every velvety piece of art is a story, and Carl loves to tell them. The 10$ Fee is more of a donation to keep this strange little treasure chest alive.

If you are hungry afterwards, (but who could be hungry after ingesting all this eye-candy) Roy Choi´s "Chego" is close, as well as "Pok Pok".