Would you rather...?
The That | 1.13.17

Ok, so this is not high literature or the invention of the wheel , this is just a silly game,ok? So don´t be all PC about it, this is supposed to be a bit dumb and fun.

Something to challenge yourself with, if you are bored, or something to play with your friend, sister-in -law or spouse. "Would you rather...?" can be played on different levels of gross-ness or outrageousness. Please add/ make up your own questions...

Lets start Light...:

Would you rather have beans for fingers or carrots for toes?


Would you rather kiss a dog that just sniffed another dogs butt or a horse that has slime dripping from its mouth?


Would you rather cut off your left pinkie finger or your right big toe?


Would you rather wear a dress/suit made out of bloody raw meat or wear a face mask made out of snod?


Would you rather make out with your brother -in-law or your sister-in -law?


Would you rather eat two eyeballs covered in tomatoe sauce or an ear sans sauce?


Would you rather have sex with Donald Trump with the lights off or with Sarah Palin with lights on?

Would you rather.....?