Track your Happiness
The That | 1.10.17

Happiness is all we wish for, right? For ourselves, for the whole world. But we seem to sabotage ourselves constantly when it comes to being happy. We have so little control over the feeling -or do we? 

Matt Killingsworth, who developed the App "Track your Happiness" got his PHD  in Psychology at Harvard . He developed the App to collect Data about what makes us happy , what  does not and when and where and what influences our feelings.

If you sign up you will randomly receive little surveys that ask various question about where you are, what you do (and with whom ) and your level of happiness. It is not just a way for the Scientists to collect Data but also a way for you to check in with yourself and sass out how you are doing and what the circumstances are that affect how you feel. Sounds so simple, but when you do the survey you realize that you rarely pay attention to details or that you underestimate the impact  of certain aspects of your every day life that affect your happiness.

Killingsworth claims that, according to his research , we are all the happiest if we are in the moment and not "mind wondering" or distracted with worry or planning ahead.

So, lets get the app and focus on THAT! Oh, and : DON´T WORRY-BE HAPPY!