YOU is creepy (in a good way)
The That | 1.10.17

I basically binge-read this book over 2 days- turned off netflix and chilled (But not really chilled, because this book is sinister AF and scared the bejesus out of me).

It's scary in a real person kind of way. I mean, let's face it: people can be super creepy! Caroline Kepnes really taps into the fascinating- yet mostly terrible psyche of her main character, Joe Goldberg. Is he absolutely vile? YES. But do I still kind of root for him? Uggggh a million times YES. 

The book is intense and murdery and sexual and very smart. It also reads super current- exploring all of our social media hijinx, picklebacks, and bearded hipsters.

Not gonna lie- it gets pretty dark at times- and that's exactly why I loved it.