It's not the destination- it's the journey... (as long as there's Champagne)
The That | 1.9.17

Some people are just hard to shop for...

Especially when you 'secretly' want the gift for yourself.

That's where giving the gift EXPERIENCE comes in handy- 

Last year, in London, I bought myself- I mean- I bought my boyfriend a day trip on Belmond's British Pullman train. He got to get dressed to the nines, check in at a posh champagne drinking area at the train station, be escorted to his linen tableclothed table in his reserved traincar by a man in a tuxedo, and spend the next 5 hours wining and dining while traveling through the hills of Surrey. 

Oh! And I got to go with him! 😈

I think the Belmond British Pullman train is what Carrie had in mind when she and Samantha traveled from NY to SF...

 The train calls back to the magic of the 1920's. It's opulent without being obnoxious. We actually rode in the train car "Perseus" which was Winston Churchill's funeral train. 

Kind of a bummer, I guess, but not really, because Sir Winston LOVED to pop a cork. 

I mean... he really really liked to pop a cork 

and luckily, so do we. So it all seemed very fitting. 

The train-ride lasts about 5 hours, with a wine paired 5 course meal including a (yay!) cheese course and a random stop in a vacant field setting where we all got off the train, slurped on freshly shucked oysters, and tipsily danced to a fun 3 piece band that happened to be waiting for our arrival. 

There are tons of (very pricey) excursions on their website, including a murder mystery lunch, and days and week long tours to various places. 

The Belmond train is super fun/indulgent day, and a great way to exploit the art of the sneaky (and awesome) selfish gift experience.