The magical Tomoko Spa Beverly Hills
The That | 1.6.17

When my husband and I need a luxurious break , when we need perfect pampering and battery reloading we go to Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills. Days before our sheduled "Japanese Spa Experience", when we are exhausted  and think we won´t be able to live another day, we will whisper to each other : "Three more days to Tomoko!..." and it makes all the stress seem worth the reward that awaits.

To me, everything about the Tomoko Spa experience is perfect. Starting from the neat little tray of toasted brown Rice Tea, a tiny mint chocolate bite and mint infused ice water The japanese masseuses gently guide us to the quiet room with a gigantic wooden bathtub where we will be massaged, where we will bathe  and eat later.


Everything at Tomoko smells lovely. Scents ranging from lemongrass, green tea, citrus to ginger. Before the synchronized footmassage starts we have ginger tea. Heated, cozy neckwarmers are carefully placed on our neck and shoulders....Jeeez, I need this once a day! The footmassage alone, conducted with the feet submerged in warm water, is fantastic. I am already relaxed, ready for a nap in the lemongrassy pillows.

The one hour massage is a delightful mix of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Hotstone massage. Nothing is rushed, the bed I lie on is perfectly heated, the delicate background music is discrete enough not to disrupt the relaxation of the mind.

After the massage we soak in the ginormous wooden tub, followed by a beautiful Sushi lunch and more tea. 

After we reluctantly get dressed we bow one last time to say goodbye and when we step outside we are immediately blinded by the bright sunlight. The car sounds and  people on the sidewalk walking with their eyes glued to their iphones seem surreal. Sayounara and Arigatou Tomoko!