I like these...very much. Just as they are.
The That | 1.5.17

Sure, the holidays are over, and we've tucked our reindeer jumpers away for another year- But we CAN and we WILL wear our Mark Darcy earrings all year long! 


We found these gems on etsy. Because: of course we did! 

Click on over to https://www.instagram.com/statement.uk/ and get your lobes some Colin Firth. Or some Hugh Grant. Or Bridget Jones herself! There are about 100 different earring options ranging from Nutella jars to avocado halves to Ryan Gosling to Barack Obama. They can personalize/customize as well! 

DON'T BE A WANKER. The best gifts are the fun gifts that prove you're actually listening when your bestie drones on about her insatiable crush on Mark Darcy.