Oh, so cute!
The That | 1.4.17

Yes, Kawaii means "cute", you knew that, right? Well, i am not really adding much to what you already know. Just indulging in some very Kawaii things-from Japan. Why? Because its fun. Enjoy!

How cute is this Bento Lunchbox?

There are Bento competitions for eager Moms who want to win the "Best Mom Ever" award.

Furniture inside the Hello Kitty House in Puroland.

The Exterior of the Hello Kitty House.


A "Shojo Manga" drawing-definitly Kawaii! This one is by Makoto Takahashi.

Kigurumi are mascot costumes resembling anime or Manga characters. 

Everybody knows Kewpies-the cute baby dolls! But did you know that "Kewpies" was the first Mayo manufactured and sold in Japan?  Kewpie  became the brands "Face"-until today. SO Kawaii!