FASHION 2017-Whatcha got?
The That | 12.29.16

Come on, 2016 was tough. Bowie, George Michael and Princess Leia died, a certain orange Bully was elected Boss of the White house....I mean, pheew. 2017 is gonna be interesting. Challenging. Maybe scary. Defenetly something.

We are expecting Chaos and lots of noise. That needs to be countered with Grace and Style. Looking at the Designers new trends for 2017 I am glad to see lots of Disco, Party, Humour and defenetly a nod to the 80´s.

Sequins, Tights, Leotards, Gold and Silver. Silly combinations of textures and prints. Even Gloves and middle partings. Hooray!


Gucci is showing conservatism the middlefinger with colorful Sequin dresses, skirts and tops. They encourage to mix ´n match and have fun.

Vetements lands with some rad cropped track suits (makes me SO happy! Merci), Balenciaga shows great Bib blouses.

Other than that we are invited to totally embrace the Mermaid and go full head on the baby pinks and blues this time around. Not just the tips- go for it!

I love that fashion is asking our commitment to fun and indulgence in times that might be tough and glum-from time to time.

 And there is the braided Warrior Hair- a nod to our Princess Leia.

Lets be Mermaids, sparkly Party Queens -and Warriors 2017! Cheers.