My FAVE FIVE of the moment
The That | 12.27.16

Like the average girl I have a couple of hundred different nail polishes, a few different perfumes (matching different moods), changing face lotions , probably about 12 different pairs of glasses lost in different purses or rooms of the house  and of course various lipsticks-hello!

But there are definitely favourites, like, personal classics. At least for a while. Here are my current GO-TO`s in case you want to be inspired:


My Antioxidant Moisturizer by JUICE is a smoooth operator, let me tell ya. It feels SO good to slather it all over your tired face. It smoothes with peptides and -if even-smells neutral. It is 39$ but it will last you. The line has other nice lotions I ll try .

The Dior lipstick is a more casual version of the Vavavavoom-Night-out-red. It is a less intense red, almost like a tint. Yes please.

My SEE Concept Frames are just another pair of glasses i need to have to feel safe that I wont "run out" of glasses.  They are kinda perfect: light, fun and cheap. They have a lot of different cool models that come already with a light to heavy prescription that might work for you. Hooray!

I found the Fiele scent in a cool little curated store downtown LA. Smelled it, done. The Fiele Fragrances smell different. Less generic and less "man made" if that makes any sense. I like it.

BUTTER red polish-BAMM. Need i say more. The brands colors are super vibrant and fun. I love this red because it is a nuance more vibrant and modern than the super classic red. They call it "Smashing Patent Shine"- there you go.