Wonderwoman Tanwi Nandini Islam
The That | 12.4.16 | Photo tanwinandini.com

Tanwi Nandini Islam, 34, is a Storyteller in many ways. Writing was not enough for Tanwi, who published her first Novel "Bright Lines" in 2015. (Penguin). Her story is set in Brooklyn (where Tanwi herself lives) and Bangladesh (where Tanwis parents are from), and follows three young women over the course of a summer. Her Novel was a finalist for the renowed Fiction First Novel Prize.

But this is only one of Tanwis magical paths.

Scents is the other. Tanwi started experimenting with fragrance oils early on in her career to create smells that would somehow illustrate her stories. That would add an olfactory experience, a  textural backdrop for the stories she wrote.

What a fantastic idea. And it became a business. HI WILDFLOWER is the platform where Tanwi sells her perfumes and scented candles. I have tried ANCIENTS and HANALEI, two very impressive, complex scents with a lot of personality.

"The stories in all of my perfumes are based on travels, " says Tanwi. "They are deeply rooted in the wonder and complexity of the natural world, and how plants and flowers play roles in human rituals."  She knows. Being born in Illinois and having lived in bangladeshi communities for most of her early life, Tanwi understood a great deal of cultural differences via smells.

Having travelled from Brooklyn to Dheli , hovering smells of both worlds have followed her. It may sound weird, but smelling Tanwis perfumes i smell the texture of a different life. That magic difference.  In a strange way it does smell like theres a story behind it.