Have vegan bacon & black pudding in... DUBLIN
The That | 12.3.16

VEGAN black pudding-really? I have to try this.

The tasteful little restaurant, "Sova Vegan Butcher" is located in Saint Kevin`s, a more alternative part of Dublin (think Echo Park-ish). 




I order the Irish Brunch ( "Bacon, Black Pudding and Scrambled Eggs") and the Kebab. The waiters and chef , all boys, are super nice and excited about their food.

And they have every reason to be, the dishes don`t  just look great, they taste amazing.

The vegan bacon is fun, great texture and looks like real bacon. The Kebab is loaded with savoury Seitan and a great Sauce, too much food, you have to be very hungry for this one.

Best fluffy vegan scamble I have had, hands down . (I have had many)


This place is defenetly a fantastic healthy lunch or brunch stop. And with entrees under 10 Euros (around 10$) quite cheap for what you get.

Try "Meet me in the morning" next door for coffee after.

51 Pleasants Street, Dublin.