The That | 10.1.16

Not to bring the mood down, but: true story, I stumbled upon the Norwegian OnePiece NOT because of Kylie Jenner or because of whomever my skeptical friends insisted I was trying to imitate (Hello, I’m 41 years old!)… But because I was having surgery, and the thought of wearing actual pants afterwards just seemed wrong, and mean-- So I got myself a few different zip-ups to recover in.

It’s now two years later, and I still don’t wear actual pants. Just kidding, I totally do, but the Onesies are still in heavy rotation- and why wouldn’t they be? It’s a complete (probably indoor) outfit with one zip! They’ve got a bunch of different styles ranging from fitted to baggy, and a big range of colors and prints to choose from.

Sometimes it’s cool to be a little bit dorky.