New High Mart
The That | 5.9.16

New High Mart...Los Feliz

One of my obsessions is Japan and anything Japanese.

I have travelled to Tokyo and Kyoto and I have the most vibrant memories of the gorgeous food, high fashion, ancient culture and seemingly strict tradition co-existing with an ultra modern overpopulated city buzz, boundary-less nightlife, and fast changing trends in music and fashion.

Now I know how to soak and prepare luscious Japanese rice and I appreciate well made Japanese clothes and bags.

Things I have bought in japan years ago and used many times are still in use and holding up in every regard.

“New High Mart”, curated Japanese goods store, is my “Happy Place”. 

The Store without a store front offers beautiful, high quality things from Japanese rice, to Japanese ink based nail polish that is good (!) for your nails (, fine yet simple clothing, jackets, even wonderfully soft house shoes and a selection of gorgeous jewelry. 

Located on Vermont Ave a must-visit when in Los Feliz.