Good Grief
The That | 9.19.16 | Photo Peanuts Worldwide

This is an oldie but a goodie.

As a child, I always managed to find a Peanuts book priced at a quarter at a random garage sale. Since then, I’ve visited the Charles Schultz museum up in Santa Rosa, and I’ve spent many a Halloween in a blue dress giving out psychiatric advice for 5 cents. So let’s just face it: The Peanuts comics are awesome- and kind of the absolute worst- but in a good way.

There’s despair, melancholy, unrequited love, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, haplessness, bad kite flying, friendship, family, and total comic-strip-human honesty.

The evil genius of is that it cruelly takes away the last panel of the 4 panel Peanut comic strip, leaving us readers without any “happy” ending. It dooms our minds to wander in its bleak 3-panel world, basically refusing to snap us out of whatever shitty thing Lucy (or the world) just did. In other words, it doesn’t let us kick the damn football…but I keep going back for more.