Spin baby spin- a conversation with David and Megan Zint
He She It | 5.26.17

If you are part of the LA SoulCycle (Spinning) community, if you object yourself on a regular basis to super torturous yet inspiring indoor spinning classes you know David Zint. A seat in David's WeHo class is a tough ticket. All seats Boom- gone in minutes, no kidding. The Beckhams are regulars (yep, they are that cool).So, yes, THAT David. And if you know David you know Davids wife Megan. Megan rides on the podium in his classes while David encourages, challenges, preaches to "the pack". These two are an inseperable team. Out in the normal world Megan and David are parents to little Harlow. Megan, originally from Arizona and David from Ohio met in a gym in LA. The two are sweet unpretentious people. Softspoken, possibly a bit shy sometimes. But encounter them in the dark, sweaty SoulCycle Arena while the music is blasting....holy cow, different story! David transforms into a constantly moving lightning bolt: sharp, relentless and encouraging while Megan, his muse, moves on her bike like some kind of spinning warrior, all sweat and muscle. That woman is no joke, she owns it. Wow. We have to talk to these two...


FC: How did you sleep last night?

Megan: Good. When the alarm went off I had that “It can’t be” feeling. I’d say I got at least 6 hours. I am a sleeper, I feel like I really need 8 hours…

FC: Do you have reoccurring dreams?

David: I used to when I was younger.

FC: Who goes to SoulCycle, what do people seek ?

D: SoulCycle is so amazing because of the community it provides. It's not about where you come from or who you are. Everybody who comes is a celebrity, everybody gets seen and heard. It is a safe, sweaty sanctuary.

FC: Class happens in a windowless room, the physical challenges are incredible... That could come off as quite unappealing. Why do people subject themselves to that?

M: I feel like a lot of people are scared to come. They might feel like they are not “fit” or “skinny” enough to endure SoulCycle. But if you can just get over that and go you realize it is not even about any of that. You can do your own thing, just do your best.

D: Exactly. I always say “as long as your legs are moving you are doing it”. You show up, if you are present, if you come from a place that is not competition, not resentment, not body shaming you come in there and allow yourself to be open, then that is what the transformation is about.
I am not so concerned with physicality, even though my class is very athletic and challenging. I like to think people come back to my class because of how I make them feel in their heart. I want people to leave that room being the best version of themselves they can be.

M: I think the severe physical challenge makes you break down your boundaries and opens you up for the words.

D: Right. You hear party music, you can’t breathe and you hear these (inspirational) words I am saying to you, no matter what path you are on you cannot help but let that in because your wall is down. You are in the moment, maybe you channel a certain magic. It's all about taking down your mask and asking yourself who you are.

FC: Is that the hardest thing for people, to be in the moment? Does it take music, extreme workout and sweating for us to be “in the moment”?

M: I think that is just a tool to help you.

D: Especially in LA it might be easier to be in the moment when you are on a mountain top alone, but in the chaos of the city is really hard. Some people find themselves surprised when they are confronted with themselves in class, maybe they don’t know what to call what they are feeling or experiencing. They might feel that way for the first time.

M: I believe our bodies capture a lot of pain over time that we keep locked up. So if we are not moving there is no release. SoulCycle offers that release.

FC: You remind people in your class to be who they want to be and that they are deserving of what they want. Can you elaborate on your philosophy a little bit?

D: Every class is different, the messages are different. I might be inspired by something that is authentic to me so I might share that that day. Some days it might be about joy, or about a risk you take, being bold. Today for example was a lot about being worthy of what you are asking. I don’t want it to be bumper sticker mantras, you know. A lot of times I actually don’t remember after class what I was saying.

FC: Where is your wisdom rooted?

D: Life experience. I couldn’t do what I do if I was 18 years old. I grew up very catholic, very regimented. I kind of liked the discipline of that but the dogma I had disagreements with. Spirituality is personal, it lives in all of us.

FC: What are your own worries and how do you cope? What do people worry about? What is your advise?

D: People are worried about being divided. Divided through technology, through politics. There is so much focus on “me”, I feel like people need a community.

M: Humans all want or need the same basic things, I think.

D: Los Angeles is an interesting place. You have this huge city where the majority of people aren’ t from, they come here because they have a dream, a goal, this life they want to create. And often that's not fulfilled, so there is an energy of disappointment. There can be an energy of resentment, of bitterness or doubt. But at the same time there is a lot of opportunity and creativity. There is an avenue to discover so much about yourself if you actually have the courage to go for it to pursue it. This town will test you, it will try you, it will cut you down, you have to know who you are to be in this town. That takes a lot of courage.

FC: Whats your fave spot in Los Angeles?

D & M (unisono): We love Zuma beach!

D: And a bit out of the city: Joshua Tree.

FC: What is your favorite restaurant?

M: We change a lot.  We used to go to “Flore” , close to Sunset Junction. And “Gracias Madre”. I like “Au Fudge” because we have a kid and they have a cute playroom.

FC: What is on your bucket list?

M: Jumping out of a plane! … With a parachute of course! Tandem Skydiving. I just want to experience that, I don't know why. I don't even like roller coasters!

D: I want to go to Japan. And…a lot of people don't know this about me, but I am also a screenwriter. Me and my partners almost sold a pilot a few years ago, we pitched it etc. and then the Writers Strike happened. I would love to somehow revisit that, give that another shot.

FC: If I came to dinner tonight what would you cook for me?

M: We are both terrible cooks…

D: I could do some….some roasted vegetables with herbs. I could do a protein dish…

M: Like?…What would it be though?

D: I could do a chicken dish. I absolutely could. And I could do a great dessert.

FC: Define “Beauty”.

D: Authenticity.

M: Definitely.

FC: Define “Home”.

D: Safe. Support.

M: Connection.

FC: If you could travel to a different time and place, where would that be?

D: I think aesthetically I would go back to the fifties. I am a big David Lynch fan, I love the style of that time, not the political climate.

M: Disco era! 70’s or 80’s.

FC: What has surprised you today?

M: Our daughter Harlow always surprises us with what she does, or her thoughts.

D: I am constantly surprised what she sees and what she is aware of. And the wisdom that comes through that blows me away.

FC: Thank you for the conversation.