All Jay all the time
He She It | 4.27.17

The first time I saw Jay Hernandez on screen was in Crazy/Beautiful back in 2001. He plays the beautiful Carlos Nunez, a straight A student from East LA that falls for crazy wild-child Nicole Oakley (Kirsten Dunst) who lives with her wealthy Congressman father and step mom in the Palisades. As far as teenage romance movies in 2001 go, this was pretty good! Actually, the chemistry between Jay's character and Kirsten's character (and their performances) really made this movie pop. Also: Taryn Manning! Ah, the days of dry-humping and crop tops... 


 The second time I saw Jay on screen was a little different... 

But no less enjoyable! 

Hostel is a gruesome yet highly entertaining movie about friends Paxton (Jay Hernandex) and Josh (Derek Richardson) that back pack across Europe only to end up on a train to Slovakia with the intention to meet beautiful women at a creepy AF Hostel. While they do meet some beautiful women, they end up as prey to members of a secret club that torture humans for pleasure. Good times. It's an Eli Roth movie, so for sure expect a few ball-gags, severed tendons, popped out eye balls and people severing limbs with chain saws- Also, expect to sleep with the lights on the night you watch it.