More Jay Hernandez! Our man in "Suicide Squad" & "Bad Moms"
He She It | 4.25.17

A little more Jay! I mean, since we have him on the blog, we might as well...

Let's talk about SUICIDE SQUAD for a second. Super heroes gone bad- yaay!  Jay's biggest (as in biggest budget $$$) movie. I saw "Suicide Squad" because of Jay, because we are friends with him. When your buddy is in a huge movie  you go see it, no question. I gotta say, besides some fine actors (Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie)  the movie plot was very confusing to me. I am not sure what exactly went down while the movie was shot but a lot of it did not make much sense to me. Jay played "Diablo" , the sad, quiet man who lost his family in a fire he accidentally caused. Not only does he hold his ground amongst the other top dogs with ease, in all the chaos going on in the movie Jay brings a moody darkness to his scenes that grounds the movie. His sadness and darkness seems to ooze from within, one of the solid performances in the movie by far. I would watch Diablo throwing flames for 90 minutes solo, Jay!

And then there is Jay in BAD MOMS. Hooray!! A comedy in which Mila Kunis plays a newly single mom trying to do her best to be perfect but ending up in chaos. Something like that. I am a mom too, so I appreciate a movie like that. (there is more to us than job, kids and playdates! Wohoooo! )  I saw BAD MOMS on the plane and loved it. It is funny and silly and doesn't take itself too seriously. Perfect plane movie! And you know who is the nicest- eyecandy- single-dad- drool- material in the movie? Yep, Jay Hernandez! He does a GREAT job being the male object of desire, because he is so much more. He is compassionate and polite and sweet and shy. Just who we wish for Mila Kunis to meet. That could have gone a different route, instead of relying on his looks  he grounded the part and  was a person rather than just "the cute guy". 

We shall see what he does next... Jay might just make family recipe chilli and ride his bike up Angeles Crest. We 'd watch that too!