Miss Jenny
He She It | 4.9.17

I rarely meet people who are just happy. You know, people that are really genuinly nice. Who don't complain or badmouth others. People who's glass is always half full. In times like these people like that, the "PositivePeeps" are gold. We need them. We feed off of them. They are a good example and they give us hope that cynicism might not be the answer.

Miss Jenny is that person, a sincere believer in the good in everything. I noticed that immediately about her. After talking to her I was left feeling that maybe things weren't all that bad.

Miss Jenny is 8 months pregnant.

FC: How did you sleep last night?
MJ: Really good. I had a full night of sleep after a while of not sleeping.

FC: Do you have reoccurring dreams?
MJ: I dream a lot that my teeth fall out. Strange. I don't know what that means. I dream that I wake up and try to speak and I look up at the mirror by my bed and my teeth are gone. They lie around in my bed. So creepy.
Recently I have had nightmares that someone is trying to take my baby out.

FC:Do you live by yourself?
MJ: I live in Whittier with both of my parents. I love uptown Whittier. Its a beautiful family place. I love to go there for Boba.

FC: You are a preschool teacher. You must have crazy stuff happen around you all day. What is the craziest thing a child has done lately?
MJ: Today a little girl woke up from her nap and took out all the poop from her diaper and smeared it all over the rug. Totally innocent . Nobody noticed at first. Or we have a little boy who eats his own poop, too. Is tough to deal with. And you don’t want the other kids to notice.
FC: Wow.
MJ: I had a kid tell me “My daddy really likes you!”
FC: That's hilarious. Did you notice him then?
MJ: Yep. Its a small school too. Everybody knows everybody.

FC: What is your beauty routine? I have a love for sculpted eyebrows. I love your eyebrows.
MJ: Funny. I notice peoples noses first. I love little kids noses. My eyebrows get out of hand if i don’t tame them, so i get them threaded. Someone basically plugs your brows using thread, I think it might be a technique from India. It hurts a lot. But i like how defined the lines are. I like the same for my eyeliner. Precise lines.

FC: What do you like to do?
MJ: I love to hike in Penn Park. Its a nice Park in Whittier. In the summer they have hammocks.
FC: That sounds awesome.

FC: What do you believe in?
MJ: I believe in peace and being nice to everyone. What goes around comes around.
I have experienced that personally. I try to see the positive always. Everything has a positive side to it. I try to be nice.
FC: That's really hard though. How do you do that?
MJ: I just try hard to find the positive in the negative. I don't know. Its a decision I guess.

FC: What should people stop doing?
MJ: I never think about that.

FC: Define “Home”.
MJ: Home is a place where people don't judge you. Its hard to live with your parents. My dad still has me on a curfew

FC: What has surprised you lately?
MJ: My pregnancy. We were trying but it was difficult for me. For a while a was really depressed about it. So, my pregnancy was a huge wonderful surprise.

FC: What makes you excited?
MJ: Trying new things. Change. I love change.

FC: Thank you for the conversation.