We can Necromance if we want to....
He She It | 3.19.17

I LOVE an oddity shoppe. 

I'm not talking about any old shop that probably sells Trump Toilet Paper and Taxidermy Unicorn Heads...

I'm talking about a shop called Necromance in Hollywood.

Necromance is slightly terrifying and somewhat unpleasant store that makes no apologies about embracing its macabre wares- and I LOVE everything about it. Especially this little guy, taking an afternoon nap on the floor:

I recently had to buy a gift for a 7 year old... not knowing any of the toy trends or really anything about children, I ended up at Necromance and bought the child a pheasant feather, the dead preserved foot of a land squirrel and a mini curly tailed seahorse encased in small glass viles. 

Because every child should own some small glass viles, right?

Necromance is totally worth a detour even (especially?) if you're not shopping for inappropriate gifts for children. 

Clawed animal in a jar, anyone?

Necromance could potentially be a one-stop shop for anyone needing the glass eye of an albino deer, a human tooth necklace, a hanging bat in a glass dome, a baby land-shark in a jar, a freeze dried chipmonk, a warthog tusk, a shrunked head, anything diaphonized (see frog below) and a bone saw...

It could also make someone the winner of a very morbid scavenger hunt. 

So next time you find yourself on Melrose Ave en route to Cafe Gratitude for an "ecstatic" brussel sprout plate or an "open-hearted" gluten free pancake, make a gloomy ironic stop off at Necromance, and get your lunch-date something...unexpected.