Don't be a 🔲
He She It | 2.27.17

Okay, so there is no Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest at Black Rabbit Rose. You can't get a 5 dollar shake, and your server probably won't be Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe or Buddy Holly look-alikes. 

But who needs all that when there's MAGIC!

Black Rabbit Rose opened in the old Butchers and Barbers space on Hollywood Blvd and Hudson. It's designed like a mullet: a bar/restaurant (Thai food) in the front, and a magic/party in the back! 

I suppose you could just stroll in and enjoy one of their magically named cocktails like the Dark Arts or the Seance- but c'mon! Live a little! Buy tickets to see the show! There are 2 shows a night that feature magicians, illusionists, singers, burlesque dancers and random surprise acts, like a sword swallower and/or a fire-eater (natch)

At show-time, you'll be led past the vintage ZOLTAR machine (!) by a dapper magician in a top hat

and after a card trick or two, you'll enter a 40 seat theater in the back. 

The ticketed shows (2 per night) last about 45 minutes and cost about 40.00 buck each. The performance is quirky and fun, and is structured so everyone feels like they're part of the show. There is not a bad seat in the house. So go immerse yourself in the immersion and drink until you do the opposite of levitate.