Mrs. Pickelle says: Sit on it!
He She It | 2.9.17

It was my first yoga class using a chair, and since I didn't take any pictures, we'll have to make do with these drawings...

I sat up straight on the edge of the seat, my two feet flat on the floor. I was told to stretch one arm up toward the ceiling and grab a piece of imaginary fruit, then lower my arm and drop it, while focusing on a spot between my eyebrows.

I made a fist, then extended my arm and opened my fist to share. The instructor was there to lead us, as we inhaled slowly, then exhaled and closed our eyes. (I peeked though.)

We reached for the sky, then rose to our feet to hold on to the chair for balance. The teacher was aware of our limited talents and allowed us to use this support as we sorted out our abilities and did an alternative "downward dog" with awkward intensity.

Next, we lifted up on our toes, went back on our heels and wiggled every part of our bodies. We even exercised our eyes, rolling them up, down, around the clock and back again. The atmosphere was partial Zen as we reached, extended and stretched in silence. Tension subsided. We glided outward, upward and inward. We seemed to meditate and drift.

Then suddenly, we were told to scream like raving lunatics. We hesitated at first, but following our instructor's lead, we became roaring, raging wild beasts and realized that we were all in this together whether or not we intended to be, so for the first time, I dared to look over at the person next to me. She looked back and we smiled.