Josua Cakautini
He She It | 10.11.16

Josua Cakutini

I met Josua during a trip to Fiji. He works at the Nanuku resort.

FC: How did you sleep last night?

JC: Like a baby. It was a long day, I fell asleep very fast. Also, I had Kava last night.

FC: How many hours do you need?

JC: About 8

FC: Do you have recurring dreams?

JC: Yes. Always in the water. Diving down. Snorkeling.

FC: Can you define home?

JC: Family.

FC: Do you have kids?

JC: Not yet. Hopefully soon.

FC: Where do you live?

JC: I live in Pacific Harbor. It’s actually a settlement.I do have my own village, though. I visit there every 2 months, depending on when our chief calls for a meeting. Those of us that are working go back to the village to help with school or to help with those who are not working.

FC: So, the chief is the head of the village?

JC: Yes. In my province, a lady is the chief. She is the highest ranking indivifual.Here in Fiji, we have five clans. Warrior clan, fisherman clan, spokesman clan, priest clan, and chief clan. My family is from the warrior clan. We were born into it. It’s actually on my birth certificate.

FC: What is kava?

JC: Kava is a root of a pepper plant. Nowadays, it’s more of a social drink. When you drink it, you become mellow. It’s not the taste of it,it’s the people you drink it with, the company you have.

FC: Can you define beauty?

JC: Beauty is music. Music is beautiful to me. I play guitar, keyboard and piano.

FC: Are you self-taught?

JC: Yes. That’s what you learn on the side of a kava bowl. We sing better than we talk when we drink kava.

FC: What has surprised you recently?

JC: That age is catching up to me. I never counted my birthday after 21- but now I am 30! I feel old.

FC: What’s your favorite Fijian band?

JC: Roots Strata-they are playing tonight!

FC: What about American Bands?

JC: Jack Johnson, Ben Harper

FC: Have you ever surfed?

JC: Once. I took a surf board to a wedding. My best friend thought we would meet girls if we looked like surfers. So, we were dressed for the wedding- suits and ties- but we carried a surfboard. These experiences make good stories for around the Kava bowl.

FC: Do you have a big family?

JC: Yes, because First cousins are also our brothers and sisters. Cousin-brothers and Cousin-sisters. We are all very close. We call them "Tavale". Cousin-brother and Cousin-sister can come into your house at any time. They can borrow any shirt they want!

FC: What’s your favorite food?

JC: My favorite food? I’d have to say: Burgers and fries. ..And beer.

FC: What’s the local beer in Fiji?

JC: Fiji bitter and Fiji gold.

FC: What’s the most magical place for you?

JC: Church. I am Catholic. I do lots of reflection on life. I always ask myself: How come I am still alive? I have fallen out of a lot of coconut trees.

FC: What’s more important to you: The past or the future?

JC: Right now, the future.

FC: If you could learn any other language in the world, what would it be?

JC: Spanish.

FC: Where would you love to travel?

JC: I want to go wherever Jack Johnson and Ben Harper live? So… California.

FC: What are you afraid of?

JC: Not waking up in the morning without saying goodbye

FC: Buried or Cremated?

JC: First I want to live my life, and when I am dead, they can do whatever

FC: Do you have any tattooes?

JC: I gave myself one once-- I used a thorn from the citrus tree. It has ink. It didn’t look good, so I got a razor blade and cut it out. If I did get a tattoo, I would make it very meaningful.

FC: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

JC: Yes.

FC: What is the most shocking thing about you?

JC: The things I would do to make people happy. I would do anything.

FC: Have you ever been bitten by a snake?

JC: No. I would be sure to strike first

FC: What are the most dangerous animals here in Fiji?

JC: Sea snakes and Wild boar. If a Wild Boar chases you, look for the first tree and climb up.

FC: What do you think of Donald Trump?

JC: He is an “I” person. Very “me me me”