Pygmy Hippo
He She It | 9.19.16

Once upon a time…

...there was a tiny space in the middle of hectic Beverly boulevard.

A tiny little gorgeous treasure chest , home to Mini Hippos living in tiny matchstick boxes ,  unicorn dreams and fake ice cream-anythings…

I stumbled upon “Pigmy Hippo”, the smallest store in Los Angeles, while killing time before dinner.

Walking around the block to not check my iphone again.

And there it was. 

The storefront with its nostalgic mint colored awning and golden letters almost looked like a movie set somewhere on the Paramount lot.

Like the store where the little boy in the original (duh) “Willy Wonka” bought his golden ticket.

An old fashioned sign invites:” Cute gifts. Curios and handmade goods.” 

I was almost worried to enter, not wanting to destroy the illusion of a magical bubble that popped up right here in this moment - JUST FOR ME

Its that kind of store that sells you what you don’t NEED but definitly WANT. Correction, what your inner child NEEDS to play with asap.

A fantastically curated world of vintage and modern toys, accessories, decorative dreamy things for your wall, table, wallet, blouse, hair…

You will find gifts for lucky ones-and for yourself.

If you are not in LA, you can peek online.